All of our events are led and monitored by professional instructors that will teach you the fundamentals of kart racing and will work with your party to ensure everyone understands how to safely operate our karts. Our team has over 20+ years of professional racing and coaching experience and will teach you the skills to become a better racer!

Safety Team

We Take Safetyvery seriously!

SoCal Karts never expects accidents to happen but we are always prepared if they do. All of our kart experiences are led and closely monitored by professional driving coaches that will ensure the safety of all drivers.

Drivers are taught to safety operate our karts before they begin to race, and we have multiple safety precautions in place. Plus, our facility is well-equipped to handle any issues.

We are also located just 29 miles from the nearest hospital in Bakersfield, and in the event of an emergency, our staff is trained to assist until medical professionals arrive.

About Us

Backed by experience

Want to know more about the team behind SoCal Karts? Check out FastLane, our racing school, the Official Racing School of Toyota Racing in operation for nearly 20 years in the greater Los Angeles area.